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Shi Jie + Gwen Wrote on Oct 2019

We engaged Mike for our wedding on the 12th of October. I know it’s only been five days, but I just really had to share and let you (the bride or bridegroom-to-be reading this) know that you should STOP hesitating and hurry meet/ confirm Mike! He sent us some sneak peeks and I had to stop looking through them because I was getting overwhelmed and going to cry already!

Engaging Mike was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We first heard about Mike from a bride-to-be (BTB) chat group where a BTB was raving about how they engaged Mike for their special day because her husband had seen him work his magic at their friend’s wedding. I feel like this will be similar story my friends will be telling in the future too.

Before we even met Mike, we loved his portfolio on his website. One of the major reasons why we met with him was because of his magic. His photos tell you a story, but they are also so full of emotions and joy from the day. See already can cry. When he sent us his rate card, my husband and I were tickled by his personality shining through his text (you’ll know if you see it). Mike seemed so confident and capable even before we even met him. When we met Mike at his studio, he was super onz. He openly told us that we could see any and all of his past photos. He was that confident. He told us, “I have 1000+ photo for each wedding, but they aren’t nonsense or anyhowly taken. I can show you all of the photos, I am telling a story.” We really liked Mike from that first meeting and when we walked out of his studio, I remember telling my husband “okay la don’t need to look further. This is the one.”

On the actual day we felt super well taken care of by Mike. He came really early to my place and started to think about photo compositions while I was getting ready. He was just doing his own thing and I never felt awkward. When he shot, he also had some cheeky quips to make you comfortable and laugh and that was much appreciated. He really knew his stuff, and when there was good lighting or composition, Mike kept us to take photos and it may seem like a LOT of photos, but it was really more than worth it. He also stayed late into the day and was always always capturing moments at our wedding. We hired Mike with Wai (takashiwai films) and it was such a surreal experience seeing them work together seamlessly. They have previously worked together on multiple weddings, and watching them coordinate us and themselves to maximise time and best product outcomes was super cool. The seamlessness was also such a reassurance to us on our actual day. We were so confident that every important moment would be captured.

We are so grateful that he was there to help us capture the essence of the day and to commemorate our guests and our combined happiness. He is extremely capable and cool. Thank you so much, Mike! He really is amazing at what he does. You won’t regret engaging him, but you might regret not. 😉 Everyone who has seen his photos so far has expressed such awe. I even had a friend say, “crap, my AD deposit cannot refund”. HAHAHA.

Now, looking through the other reviews, I realise we don’t have a photo with you, Mike!! Boo. But we are so thankful you were with us on our special day x

Zhun chong + Siwen wrote on oct 2019

Having Mike as our wedding photographer is one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. He was very responsive when we first engage him and was very professional. We had a mini pre wedding shot which turned out to be great fun! He always know how to make us laugh and feel at ease infront of the camera to capture the most natural moments. Mike is also very accommodating with the requests we have especially with our crazy gate crashing at midnight and the dinner the next day.
We received the photos recently and our family had a great time reminiscing the moments of our wedding. Mike really exceeded our expectations and captured the best moments of the night! Mike, we were so grateful to have you with us on our special day!

Gael Soon Shu Ning Wrote

Mike is an amazing photographer! He epitomises professionalism and skill - every photo he captured of our wedding day is a work of art. Mike shot over 1000 photos of our wedding day that began at 6+am and ended at 4+pm, with each shot an immaculate memory of our big day.

A man who takes great pride in his work, Mike shoots every picture deliberately and with an eye for perfection. His ability to choose the best angles and lighting as well as capture people's expressions and candid moments allowed us to relive our wedding day and observe reactions through his photos. His promptness in sharing with us a photo slideshow and mailing us the thumbdrive of all photos within 3 days of the wedding is also testament to his skills as minimal editing was required! Indeed, our photos received many compliments from friends and family, who couldn’t stop raving about our photographer’s impressive skills.

His dedication is also commendable as our packed wedding day program meant that he worked tirelessly without a break. Even when we were changing outfits, he never stopped taking photos of our guests and even found time to snap little details such as our reception/banquet decorations for our keepsake! His affable and easy-going personality is a bonus as he was fun to talk to and easy to work with.

While his work speaks for itself, we highly recommend Mike for professional photography services. Thanks again for the lovely photos, we are so grateful that you were THE photographer for our special day!

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Evelyn Kok Wrote

For those who are planning your wedding, you would know that the event is the most important (and also most stressful) event that you will ever plan in your life. And you would want everything to run smoothly and turn out perfect & beautiful.

Having Mike as our photographer was the BEST decision we made for our wedding - we'd tell him what we want and need, and he'll deliver the best to us. He's professional, patient and supportive, always guiding us along for the photos (how to pose, etc.). Best of all, he's super friendly. So it's like having a friend around on your big day, taking beautiful photos for you. We felt so relaxed and comforted with him around during our big day.

Mike is also very efficient and responsive (our photos are out within a week! Two days to be exact! We were really pleasantly surprised :D), and the photos are amazing and super well-taken (his photos are testament to this).

Having these photos so soon after the wedding is such a big plus, so that you can relive the moments again. Thanks Mike!

Lim Boon Chin Wrote

Mike is my friend, knowing him in person, naturally trusted in his ways of doing things. Engaged him for our Wedding Day Shoot

Been a simple guy, I did not really expect much from photography, just wanna go with the flow. However during our pre-wedding meet-up, Mike run through samples of his portfolio, explained in clear the important gist to take note of during our wedding day, sharing some tips & ideas as well.

Mike’s passion & true concern for the outcome of our wedding shoot makes it a smooth & enjoyable journey for us. Deeply appreciates his “pre-wedding meet up sharing”, & his wonderful product. A Big Thank You bro! - Gibson & Michelle (2nd Jun 18)

Han Teng Tay Wrote

My wife and I were truly blessed and thankful to have Mike as our wedding day photographer. First, Mike is a true professional and his photography portfolios speak volume of his paramount talent. So we were very excited to hear that he is available to help us for our wedding day. Our first meeting at his studio reaffirms how professional yet genuinely sincere he is to dedicating himself to understand our needs and special requests! We really appreciate and were subtly impressed with his amazing character.

Second, on our wedding day, despite several of my relatives/friends interfering with his work, Mike is always super calm and pleasant, without any sign of bad temperament at all! Mike also did not dictate or interfere with the programs arranged - gatecrashes, banquet, etc.. He quietly did an excellent job and took many captivating photos of everyone that everyone loves now looking at them!

Third, the photos Mike took were fascinating! The photos he took tell a story and were not in any haphazard sequences. Mike also took great care to capture every moment and everyone individually, resulting in so many reminiscing photos that we now have that details every moments that happen on our wedding day. For that, my wife and I truly appreciate his great service and would highly recommend him to any of our friends & relatives in future!

Thank you so much Mike again for the wonderful service and memories that you had captured for us! Highly recommended!!

Ping Saige Wrote

A love story of a lifetime is exceptionally special and memorable behind the lens of Mike. Refine and meticulous, Mike is really easy to work with and his candid personality cheer all of us around. The scenes which he created of us were all captured unknowingly and we never felt that we needed to act or perform something that we felt awkward about. The cinematic effect of our SDE wowed many and is especially meaningful when companied by our speech to each another as the background sound instead of a generic music. Unlike most renown companies with a huge team, Mike is a one man team who does the work from planning, shooting, editing and delivering the final work all within the same day from 5am. We really appreciate that Mike took our project like a masterpiece, working on tirelessly till the end and still check in with us if we r happy about it. His willingness to fulfill his clients’ needs is really admirable and it is honestly not easy to chance upon a company like his who puts the sum on secondary. Thank You so much for allowing our lifetime’s event to be captured so beautifully like a movie

Crystal Lim Wrote

We have engaged Mike to be our videographer on our actual day. He is very friendly, professional and we felt so much at ease working with him. He guides us through every single steps. The moments and angle that he had captured are very loving and special. Thank you for giving us the perfect memory! (;

Clara Tay Wrote

We love how Mike managed to beautifully capture all the moments we did not realised in a journalistic style. More amazingly, the photos were sent to us in a montage within 3 days!

Our wedding had a big crowd and the photography lasted almost 16hrs! That did not stop Mike from snapping away until the very last min. He was always ready to capture moments, even during our lunch reception, where most photogs would take a break. Due to the tight schedule, we did not have time for an outdoor shoot, but we were glad that Mike remembered to slot in a 3-5 mins couple shot for us at our church. With Mike's professionalism and initiative, rest assured u are in safe hands on your special day!

We could see the passion and dedication that Mike has in capturing moments when he continued to ensure that all pictures and table shots were well taken despite the very hectic schedule since morning! And it turned out amazing! Imagine taking all 67 tables alone! More importantly, he's magic fingers, professional equipments and touch to the surroundings allowed us to enjoy moments that were missed.

We received many compliments on our photos and im sure u'll get to enjoy urs with Mike too!

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Juliana Chong Wrote

Thanks Mike for a great shoot, we really love seeing this different side of ourselves thanks to your expert direction. Thanks for your patience and for the great experience. Highly recommended for anyone looking for unique and interesting pre-wedding photos in Singapore.

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Silver Ho Wrote

We engaged Mike for our actual full day shoot and his attention to capturing details is impeccable.

Both my husband and I are extremely in love with the pictures - having a hard time to decide our favourite.

We had the montage of our morning highlights shown during the dinner banquet and a lot of our relatives came up to us and comment that our pictures are very nice. Not to mention, Mike’s speedy edits of the photos did not compromise the quality.

We had an impromptu outdoor shoot with a not so ideal weather (gloomy sky and extremely windy), but the pictures turned out perfect!

Overall, we are really impressed with the pictures and the short timeframe he needed to edit (we got our photos back 3 days after the wedding!).

You know you’ll be in good hands if you engage Mike - he’s one of the best decision we made for our big day.

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Pauline Chong Wrote

Thanks Mike for your dedication throughout the event. You squeezed time for our shots even though our schedule was tight.

Totally love the whispering vegetable photos! Also loved the shots which portrayed the emotions of our guests.

Thank you for being so encouraging and creative throughout. Also for the short turnaround time of the final set of photos! D

efinitely highly recommended

Venise Wrote

Apologies on the late review as We are finally settling down from the wedding festivities.
Mike was extremely easy to work with. No fuss, simple and his efficiency and dedication to his work was one of a kind.

He prepared our wedding montage on his own initiative with no request from us and it was a superb job done! It was one of the highlights of the dinner reception. & that wasn’t all, as I had a wedding ceremony that follows a week after, he was kind enough to rush the edits within 1 week to ensure that we were able to show our sg solemnization photos at our ceremony in Phuket. I was extremely appreciative of this as most photographers would have taken months to do it!

Above all, the quality of the photos were not sacrificed, Mike was extremely talented with his usage of lightings which made us looked amazingly good.

Once again, we are very thankful and appreciative to have Mike shoot our solemnisation.

Xue Qi Wrote

We didn’t manage to engage Mike, the VERY AWESOME photographer, for our AD wedding cos he was already booked 2 YEARS IN ADVANCE. OMG!!
My partner and I was so shocked then.

We got to know Mike through my bbf as he’s her AD wedding photographer. He’s really professional in his work and takes really great pictures by capturing wonderful and precious moments of every couple he works with (I’ve seen a lot of his work). Since we couldn’t engage him for our AD wedding, he suggested to take casual photoshoot for us. We really enjoyed every moment throughout the photoshoot as Mike was constantly guiding, giving us ideas so as to make us feel comfortable and relax (that we almost forgot his presence, taking photos of us).

We were also very impressed with him as we get to preview our photos the next day and so overjoyed to see all those special moments (very natural shots) of us being captured!

You truly exceeded our expectation! Bryan and I were so impressive of your work & professionalism!!


Wedding Photography Singapore Pre WeddingGenny Ang Wrote

Living overseas and having to plan a wedding in Singapore, it was a struggle to source out all wedding vendors without proper recommendation from friends. As we came across Mike Chen’s website, both of us knew that this is the one.. and indeed, we did not contact any other photographer and have decided to engage Mike.

What we liked about his work is his ability to capture the most intimate moments without people noticing his presence. Mike’s enthusiasm and confidence of his own work made us put our trust in him.

During the actual day, Mike showed up early and agreed to stay back later to take more friends’ and family photos. All our family members constantly praised our photographer’s kindness. He is very organised and efficient, and truly knows what he is doing. And when it is time to review the photos (just a day after the wedding!), we are so amazed and more than satisfied with the quality of his work! He managed to capture all the emotional moments candidly and we are truly thankful that we have a lot of beautiful memories to look back to (and relive every moment)!

Overall, Mike’s passion coupled with his dedication and amazing personality is truly commendable. We would easily give him a 6 out of 5 star review!

Yuan Yin Wrote

We had the honour of Mike at our wedding and he is incredible. He was the first and only photographer that we met up with - we booked him straight away and it was the best decision ever!

The photos captured bring back every feeling from our wedding day. During the wedding, Mike was professional and attentive behind the lens, capturing all the emotions and love perfectly. The group shot was well taken despite the poor lighting conditions. We both really enjoyed his company and he is such a pleasure to work with.

Mike is so efficient, the photo montage of the morning highlights shown during the banquet dinner was such a surprise and we love it. We received the remaining photos in a week(!!) and the quality of them is stunning.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer then look no further than Mike, we can't recommend him enough! He is truly talented and beyond amazing and we will treasure the photos forever. Thank you so much (':

Noelle Wrote

Was randomly browsing through some websites and Mike’s work captured our attention ! Decided to engage him for our wedding on 24 Dec 2017! Really a patient.. friendly & nice photographer... very prompt in replying our enquiries and also he advise us the best location for actual day outdoor shoot... where to get the best lighting etc.. we were in good hands ! Was really surprised by the photo slides show on the dinner itself.. beautiful moments all captured down... all I can say is AWESOME! Once again... thank you Mike.. for all the beautiful photos and the photo slides show that u have done ! � (PS: You will never regret engaging Mike !)


Mike's photos are unique and outstanding when compared to other photographer's work. His attention to details, lighting and the ability to capture all the special moments were the reasons that we got him as our AD wedding photographer. True enough, family and friends all love the photos that he took for us. As we could easily be the most unglam wedding couple ard, the shots turned out very real and speak of us and exceeded all our expectations. we can very easily recount our special day just by looking tru the pics.

Besides, he is a nice and easy going person to work with. He acceded to all our requests for the wedding day and went over and beyond to squeeze in an outdoor shoot despite the tight schedule that we had.

For those who had already engaged Mike's service, you can be assured of the highest quality and standard of work. For those who are still undecided, pls do not hesitate or you will missed out on this great photographer.

Once again, Sharon and myself would like to thank you for capturing all sweet and fond memories on the most important day of our lives.

Raffles Marina Wedding Photography SingaporeBoon Sheng Wrote

We didn’t really do a lot of hunting for photographers.
We learnt about Mike when a friend attending a friend’s wedding.

We went through some of his works and thought we liked it.
We got in touch and Mike was friendly and patient throughout the process. On the actual day, poor Mike had to wake up really early because we planned to start so early!

Nonetheless despite fatigue Mike remained very enthusiastic and professional throughout the event.

Our friends and family really liked the photos.
Most importantly, we really loved the photos! Would we recommend Mike? Of course!

Wedding Photography at JW Marriott Singapore South Beach Jeffrey Toh Wrote

Initially, I left all the PG research to my wife-to-be.
She came back with a huge list of top recommendations from various bridal sites, with several adorned with multiple awards.

Hmm... all the portfolios are great and all... but something is just not there (at least not for me). So one fine day I stumbled upon this random photo (Mike's work) and then I realized what that something is... the "feel". To cut short,

we ended up engaging Mike for our AD and we never looked back since.... Guided poses aside (which btw he is really good at assessing the surroundings), what I enjoy even more are the candids.

He was able to capture intricate moods (not just textbook moments), natural and beautiful. It is simply so much fun re-living the whole wedding process through his eyes again and again with my already-wife (minus the tired).

Thx bro for the amazing effort!

Kazz Aw Wrote

Mike started my day with a big smile on his face and asked me like a friend what time I slept and had my bunny eaten? (Lolllls. Because I planned to wake up at 5am to take care of my bunny before the makeup starts at 7am.) That made me felt all at ease and comfortable with him which I think it was very important to kick start the big day.

Mike was my life savior that day as he had this nice soft veil to lend it to me. The one I had was too heavy and inappropriate. I could not imagine myself without his veil!

My bedroom was really small and I was very worried he could not get good shots of the groom fetching the bride but he did it. The lighting condition was not favorable either but he overcame that as well.

My grandma place was in a mess however he managed to perch himself at a vantage point to produce good photos.

I liked how he encouraged us to position ourselves for the shots. "OH MY GOD" and "AWESOME" that came from him just made us feel that we were doing well.

He was extremely kind enough to rush out a photo slideshow of the morning activities to play after our 2nd march in.

And I must also compliment him that whenever he spotted good lighting condition, he would direct us on poses to complement the lighting. He also took initiatives to scout for areas to take good pictures.

And of course, the well captured march in and on stage photos. These shots were priceless.

Mike was not only professional but he was very efficient as well. He sent us the compilation of the photos in a slideshow a couple of days after the wedding which was just in time to sweeten our honeymoon further. We were also pleased to come home to a nicely designed box with a thumb drive and hardcopies of photos readily for our parents to view.

We were very happy that we engaged Mike as our AD PG. Personally I find

it's very important to get a good AD PG as the shots would not be able

to recreate it again. Hereby, we would like to offer our most sincere

thanks to Mike again. Mike, thank you for helping us to preserve these

wonderful memories, thank you so much Description:<3 Description:<3 Description:

Xiuting Oon Wrote

Engaging Mike as our actual day wedding photographer was the best decision we made for the wedding! He was the first and only photographer we met up with, and we knew we had found “The One” right away. Mike was super efficient in processing the photos, and we received the photo montage slideshow less than a week after the wedding. Really love how all the precious moments and emotions were captured by Mike, and we’ve been rewatching the slideshow over and over again! Mike has an unique eye for details, and finds the most unique locations, angles and poses for us, and the resulting photos are stunning! Our families and friends are all full of praises for the Mike as well. Definitely 100/100!

Thank you Mike!

Serene Ho Wrote

We engaged Mike to be our AD photographer about a year before our wedding and we totally have no regrets!

Mike is a friendly and easy-going guy who will let you feel at ease during your wedding day. Hence, you can be free to display your 1000W smile and be natural on the most important day of your life.

Mike also surprised us by rushing out the morning highlights montage for our banquet which was well received by our relatives and friends.

Besides being professional and excellent photographer, he is also efficient! We were shocked when he sent us the soft copy of all the photos in less than 1 week after our wedding. Furthermore, when we were back from our honeymoon trip, we were surprised by the personal touch by giving us a thumbdrive of the photos in a nicely designed box!

His professionalism and passion for photography is definitely undeniable!

We were very honored to have Mike as our AD photographer and if you are looking for AD photographer who is good in taking candid photos and capturing all your treasured memories on your AD, he is definitely the one to go for!

Jesslyn Thian Wrote

Chanced upon Mike while helping a friend to find hers which she did take up Mike as well! We really liked his style, and decided to engage him for our AD too! He is very professional, knows his things well and interacts well with everyone. Our guests enjoyed the photos taken and we did too! Thank you Mike!

Nigel Moxie Wrote

Great photography style, great smile, great direction, great service.

Independent and focused. Met up with him once to talk about the expectations and the rest is history. Shot and processed the beautiful pictures in a short amount of time. No regrets, no worries just tell him your style of roughly how you want the theme to be and he will work he's magic.Overall highly highly recommended!!!

10/10 would hire again for any event that would need a professional photographer.

Tian soon & Chen Min Wrote

When I saw Mike's photographs in his website, I am really in loved with his photographic style. I met him up and both my hubby and I find he is lively and cheerful, we chatted with him like long-time friend, though is our first meet up. Mike is a very enthusiastic photographer and shows passion in his works and we decided to engaged him on16 feb 2017 and my wedding was 3 June 2018. Yesterday was my wedding day and he managed to give us all the photographs today, (4 Jun 18). During the day, the weather is super hot, and we can see he was perspiring and try his best in taking our photographs from the directions. All the photographs are not only in focus, but set in the right kind of feel and mood. Even though the lighting in our hotel was dark, but the photographs are turned out to be in the right lighting because of his skills and professionalism in using the right equipment and skills. You will definitely not regret for engaging him because he is really trying his best in taking photographs for the couple and the guests. And you don't need to worry about not enough photographs because he took down every moment for you and you may not even know how he did it in a short span of time. He knows to capture the right moment and the photographs are just so beautiful! He is the best photographer that I have met! Good Job, Mike! Thank you for the awesome work! :D

Jasimin Neo Wrote

I fell in love with Mike’s photography skills immediately after visiting his portfolio in IG and Website.

Mike Chen is extraordinarily talented. Now I fully understand the meaning of “a picture speaks a thousand words”.

He captures and portray the setting and emotion of a situation to perfection. A very friendly and fun loving PG that makes me immediately clicks with him.

Thank you so much for all that you did for us to make our wedding day so memorable and special. You are a wonderful and talented photographer.
Very patient, on time & professional.. and just an all-around neat person to be around.

My husband and myself felt so comfortable around you. Truly fortunate to be able to engage u.

I thank u Mike Chen, many times over and over again.

Kaifong Lim Wrote

We engaged Mike to be our wedding photographer on 9 Dec 2017.

Mike is very professional and easy to relate to.

We were very impressed with his quality of photos and on top of them, felt very comfortable and assured working with him.

Mike was very willing and open to share with us his previous works and addressed all of our concerns.

Mike gave good suggestions and guidance while taking photos and the results came out amazing. Additionally, he went above and beyond his jobscope where he managed to help us take a short photoshoot within a short span of time.

The photos turned out marvellous and far exceeded our expectations. Our families and friends have also agreed in unison that the photos were of top-notch quality and he managed to capture the important shots of us, our families, relatives and our friends!

We will definately highly recommend Mike to our friends and wedding couples out there.

Engaging Mike as our photographer, was one of the best decisions we have made for the wedding.

Gisele Carol Wrote

Mike was amazing and efficient on our special day. In fact we’ve engaged him as our wedding photography a year in advance! We knew he was the ‘one’ after stumbling upon his portfolio on his website; photos are graded with awesome tones and contrast.

Throughout the entire day, Mike was truly professional as he conquers through challenging lighting conditions in and out of the ball room. He’s patient in guiding the crowd for the perfect shot as well.

He was literally a ‘phantom’ taking candid and special moments. The photos turned out really great and not only did we enjoyed our photos, our guests loved them too!

Lastly, we would love to thank Mike again for submitting the photos to us within 2 days, which is very fast in my opinion. We’re able to share these special moments with our guests very quickly.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, look no further. Mike’s definitely the choice.

Carrmen Ang Wrote

We engaged Mike for our 2-days wedding, which was Chinese customary and solemnization over an intimate luncheon and wedding luncheon banquet on the second day.

Mike was punctual and promptly got to work snapping the preparation and etc. He had also given us a great recommendation for the Outdoor photo-shoot, where we had a beautiful background and fun shots with our group of bridesmaid and brothers,

We were grateful to Mike's cheerfulness and friendliness which was showed from the beautiful family portrait shots portraying our happy family members and relatives.

During the banquet, Mike even prepared a slideshow with some of the captured moments over both days as sneak peek.

We were thankful that we did not have to wait for weeks like most photographers as Mike delivered the pictures to our residential address 2 days after our wedding.

Overall, we were really happy and satisfied that we engaged Mike after meeting up with several photographers. Jiayou!~

Alexander Wrote

Having Mike as our photographer at our Wedding Day is truly a blessing.

He captured all our special moments perfectly, and there's never a dull moment with him.

Mike even managed to find time to help us do a photo shoot session with the classic 1950's Volkswagen Beetle.

He eased our nervousness throughout the day by making jokes. If we could turn back time, we would have gladly engaged him as our pre-wed photographer :)

FYI We received lots of compliments on the photos Mike took during that day :)

Prislyn Yan Wrote

Mike is a friendly, helpful and funny person. It seems like we have known each other for ages when we only first met on my wedding.

He is very professional, very efficient, passionate about his work and deliver good quality photograph. It took him only 2 days to provide us with the photo which is awesome.

Thanks for your surprise photoslide show and never fail to make me laugh and guide us on the poses for phototaking and suggesting photoshoot location.

You the BEST photographer!!Highly recommend to engage him as your photographer. No regrets ~! Shall work together with you in my next family photoshoot.

Thanks for your awesome work and nice knowing you. Y ( ^ v ^ ) Y

Liezel Cheng Wrote

Mike took my friend's wedding photos and I really loved his pictures. When my brother was looking for a photographer for his wedding, I immediately knew who to look for.

Really like how friendly Mike is and he has a way to calm/put the people at ease so that the pictures come out natural and beautiful.

Definitely know who to look for again when my 2 other sisters get married in the near future.

Vivian Lim Wrote

After looking at Mike's portfolio during the BOWS exhibition, we knew he was the right guy for the job.

Days prior to the wedding, he actually helped us to look through the our actual day timeline and gave practical advices. On the actual day, he guided all of us through the poses, shuffling around us capturing beautiful moments at different angles. He is professional and friendly.

We received a portion of the photos the day after the wedding and the other portion about 2 weeks after the wedding. If that's not efficient, I don't know what is!

The photos were beautiful! I don't know how, but it does seem like Mike had the ability to teleport to take photos of different angles within seconds �

Our wedding venue was rather dark, but the photos turned out great. Through his portfolio, you'd see that Mike has an eye for detail.


Really like the collection of the photo montage of the day! With all the fun and joy faces of everyone being captured. Of cos not forgetting all the “stylo” shots of my 冲上云霄 pilot theme gatecrash and outdoor shoot!


Mike is very efficient to deliver all the ready photos to us. It took about 2 days for him to send us the full set of photos which was taken on our wedding day!

He also include a photoslide show as a surprise montage for us to play during our banquet. Received many compliments from our guests and family on his photography skill.

It is our second time to engage him as our photographer. The first time was last year where we engaged him to take our pre wed casual shoot and same thing, we received many compliment on the photos received.

Definitely we have no regrets engaging him to be our photographer for our big day. Highly recommend you to engage him as one of your service provider. Thank you Mike for your awesome service and photography skill!

We hope to work with you again soon! (prolly maternity shoot in future? haha)

Xiao Yun Wrote On Facebook 27/09/2017

Mike is very professional, and the deliverables were ready online the next day after the event while we were away for honeymoon.

He also include a photoslide show for us to view and it was wonderful to be able to recap our moments during honeymoon.

Despite being a very rushed 3-hour soleminsation lunch, we manage to steal sometime to have a fun-filled outdoor photoshoots with him around the vicinity. Captured in his photos,

these are definitely memorable moments for the rest of our lives.

When we arrived back in Singapore, a package was ready for us.
Inside the package is a nicely designed box containing a thumbdrive with the photos and printed photos.

We are also very happy with how the photos turn out.

I am thankful with the entire smooth process.

Highly recommended to engage Mike for your photography needs!

Amos Chan Wrote

Mike was extremely professional in his work.

He was a very easy-going and reassuring presence for us on our big day.

The photographs he took and edited were beautiful and were completed within the timeframe promised.

We are very appreciative of his time and effort in creating and capturing the precious moments of our gatecrash and wedding ceremony.

Highly recommended to all! Thanks a lot Mike!

Ng Zhen Liang Wrote

We were recommended mike through a friend to do the photography for our wedding and we were glad we did!

Mike was really patient and friendly on our wedding day, ensuring that we were comfortable throughout.

The wedding photos are really natural and beautiful and we really loved them!

Would recommend mike to anyone who wants beautiful photos!

Alvin Ng Wrote

Would have given a 6 star if it ever exists.

We engaged Mike for our ROM photography and it was the best decision made.
What caught our attention initially was his portfolio which captures really beautiful natural moments.

Mike is a fun-loving photographer and always manage to capture the best beautiful moments.

The photos were perfect and he delivered it within a week!

Thanks for the wonderful photos and lovely clip too!

Mel Koh Wrote

We fell in love with Mike's photography style after we first saw his photos at BOWS, and so we just knew that we had to engage him for our actual days photos!

Mike was really a fun and easy-going person to work with and he (together with the videographer) really worked hard throughout

the whole day to create many stunning photos for us! We really love his

works! He is also able to improvise and make use of whatever is around him for our photos !

Thanks Mike!!!

Sarah Tan Wrote

It wasn't easy looking for photographers for our wedding in Singapore,

whilst living in Japan. We were fortunate to come across Mike's profile on bridestory and took a liking to his photography portfolio.

Prior to our actual day, he was very communicative and set aside time for us to visit his studio to understand his photo-journalistic style.

His easy-going persona assured us that we would be in good hands during our wedding day.

Also, he offers a package that was perfect for our actual day (2 events; lasting from morning to night).

Despite our insanely busy schedule, crazy weather and demanding guests, Mike and his assistant were very professional throughout the entire day.

He also delivered the photos within a week from the actual day, and like promised the photos turned out beautiful.

Thank you so much for capturing our special moments.

Jackson Goh Wrote

During our wedding preparations, Sarah and I had no clue on which photographer or videographer service to engage. so we decided to head down to outdoor wedding fair (BOWs) to search something we like. I can still clearly remember what happen to that lucky day.

the first booth we visited was Mike's booth and he was really humble and patient explaining his works. those photos displayed on his booth were really amazing and we love it. especially those candid shots of the guests , natural lighting that focus on the subject, clearly shows what that picture was talking about.

but as it was only the first booth we visited, we decided to roam a few more before deciding. the amazing part then happened. there isn't any other photo that beats Mike's. in our mind were all his photos and our decision were clear.

head back to his booth and 准准 (coincidentally), another couple was asking him about his availability on the same date as us. but mike remembered us and offered us his service.

Mike and his team were professional throughout and provided us many suggestion for our wedding. even our videographer (the best) was recommended by him. the morning shoots were prepared into slideshow for our guest during the dinner as well.

we received many compliments from our guest on our photos (go to our fb and see for yourself)
and we received all the photos less than a week from our wedding date.

just book!

Samantha Lim Wrote

My husband and I were impressed by photos taken by Mike that we saw on instagram which prompted us to engage him for our big day. Really glad we did so as his photography skills was top notch and very professional in doing about his work. He was on time on our wedding day and stayed till the end of our banquet. He was also very patient and manage to capture all of the precious moments throughout the day. Thank you Mike and our videographer, Adrian!!

Xueshi Chen Wrote

We decided on Mike Chen Photography more than a year ago and knew that his work would be extraordinary. Indeed, Mike amazed us with his professionalism, proficiency and patience. We are very pleased with his speed of delivering the final work. Greatly appreciated his kind gesture till the very end. What more can we say? Thank you Mike! Thumbs up and UP!

Arren Ng Wrote

After looking through many professional photographers on the internet, we chance upon Mike Chen Photography. It quickly caught our attention as his work is what we are looking for! Firstly, Mike's photography skills was professional and spot-on. Secondly, he was really pleasant and patient, we indeed had alot of requests from relatives to family but he would listen and understand our needs. Mike's depth of feel is really creative and flexible. In summary, my wife and i are very satisfied with Mike's work. We will definitely recommend anyone who is reading this to allow Mike to capture all your beautiful moments on your big day!

Charlotte Ong Wrote

My husband and I are very happy to have engaged Mike as he is a very professional and passionate photographer who delivers high quality work. Would definitely recommend Mike for wedding photography as he is knowledgeable about the wedding procedures as well, always quick to provide advice and suggestions for us when we weren't sure what to do. Our guests have given positive feedback regarding his work too!


We know we are in safe hands when we engaged Mike a year ago! During our first meeting, he went through all the event flow with us and even give us suggestions and guidance on what we should look out for during our AD. He assures us his professionalism and he totally makes the whole process and atmosphere incredibly stress-free! All we need to do is smile, enjoy and relax! No need to sweat small stuffs.

Thank you so much for following us through the 2 busy days, forsaking your sleep to go the extra mile for us and capturing beautiful photos for us to keep a lifetime of sweet memories to view it over and over again!

A friendly, positive and professional photographer! Super pro with natural lighting and his pictures are artistic and unique! And trust me that he is more gan chiong than you to send all photos in a week to you and selected photos are printed and nicely packed in a pretty box and comes with a thumbdrive!

Do book him in advance for your wedding :)

Eric & Eunice


We are glad we engaged Mike to be our AD photographer. He was punctual,

proactive and pleasant to work with. His work is impressive as he managed to capture key moments and expressions accurately and beautifully. Each event and atmosphere of our wedding was also brought out aptly as he manages to capture each photograph suited to the 'feel' of the location, be it an open-air lawn or a 12-meter high ballroom. Even though our ballroom lighting appeared yellow, we were pleasantly surprised as the photos turned out very well-balanced, table shots were good and every face was captured clearly. He was also very hardworking during the wedding, from testing the lighting to capturing our expressions from different angles. Seriously, he was all around. Furthermore, he gave us sneak peaks of our photos every day after our wedding while he edited them, which added a very personal touch to it. We got all our photos within 5 days after our wedding. One word, amazing!


We came across Mike at a road show and despite his flamboyance, he impressed us with his confidence and passion for shooting wedding photography. He is clear with his own shooting style and makes very good use of his expertise. No situation is a difficult situation for him to shoot fantastic photos. We recommended to a couple friends of ours (who had a wedding before us) and they were equally impressed! Hence, we are happy to also recommend anyone who comes to this page considering to engage Mike - and you should.

Kenneth Goh Wrote

Where is the 6 stars button? Cause Mike deserves it! He was such a breeze to work with on our wedding day. He was able to put our nervousness at ease with his amiable character and captured such beautiful natural, candid shots of us during our wedding day. We just saw our photo montage and absolutely adore it. Thank you Mike!

Desmond Tay Wrote

My wife and I selected Mike to be our actual day photographer for our big day. First of all, Mike's photography skills speak for itself through his works and portfolio. Second, he has a very pleasant disposition and is one who takes the effort to listen to understand our needs and how we wanted our photos to turn out. Third, needless to say, he was professional and spot-on with capturing the key moments and emotions of the important occasion. More importantly, he is also very resourceful and flexible in trying out new framings/ low lighting situations and other whacky poses that he is able to suggest for us to do.

In summary, we are one very satisfied client of Mike Chen - and we will

whole heartedly suggest to anyone reading this that you have found

yourself at the right page if you are looking for a photographer. Big thanks to Mike for capturing a beautiful album of our big day!


My wife and I were planning our marriage in Jan 17 and we decided the date to be 21st Jan.

We surfed the Net and found Mr Mike Chen. We were impressed with his reasonable price, our practical needs and charges to us after speaking on the phone with him.

The date we intended for our wedding solemnization ceremony and dinner was fully booked on the 21st Jan and we changed it to the 22nd Jan and Mike happily obliged us.

According to our needs, Mike introduced us some great professional make-up artistes and it was Autelier Makeup. Their prices were reasonable too and Autelier Makeup in turn introduced us to Hui @ mobile number 96929691 from Fern Studio75 for inexpensive, great looking hand bouquet flowers.

On the actual day, Mike was half an hour earlier than the scheduled time. We felt puzzled, but after seeing our photo shots and montage, my wife and I guessed the reason to be Mike was busy taking pictures of the hotel and its surroundings.

My wife in particular was impressed with the skills of Mike. She told me that Mike was very professional and of any surroundings or background, Mike could make use of them to churn out great fabulous pictures.

My wife and I weren't that interested in photo taking, but Mike inspired and motivated us on. During the solemnization ceremony and dinner, Mike took his initiative in taking many pictures without us telling him.

My wife told me that for some pictures, she was not aware that our pictures were being taken. She gave the reason to be that the pictures that came out would be more natural and good without our awkward facial expressions and postures.

Before we had even received our actual pictures and montage, Mike had sent to us some for our viewing and we were greatly impressed by his skills, especially my wife. She was in particular, very happy.

And lastly we were very satisfied with Mike's reasonable price, great professionalism and his no additional and hidden charges.

Ben Yap
Mi Tran


My husband and I engaged Mike for our AD photography/videography and we

thought it's money well spent!! He was really fun and friendly! We felt really comfortable with him as our photographer. He captured natural moments that was really beautiful and that was exactly what we were looking for. Everyone was raving about our photographer after the wedding!! We would definitely recommend him to family and friends!!


I engaged Mike as my photographer for my wedding and he delivered photos

which exceeded my expectations. He was friendly and very experienced in guiding us to pose for the camera. My guests were also full of praises for his skills and easygoing nature. Would definitely recommend!


Having looking at so many photographers around, Mike is the only one who managed to capture "moment" naturally. That was when my partner and I went to find Mike. When we met, he showed us his work and not only that, his commitment and dedication left us a great impression. Both my partner and I were not that "photogenic" kind, but through Mike's skillful photography, all pictures were nicely captured without any additional effort from us. Another impressive thing was that, there was no need to ponder over where to take photos, as his talented "instinct" would bring you to several nice spots. I strongly recommend Mike if your wants to see your most beautiful moments.


Awesome photographer. Highly recommended! Very professional and has a beautiful style of photography. capture moments beautifully!

Bryann Lion Wrote

Perfect! Magnificent! Very nice! Thats the words from him when he was taking the splendid photos for us. These will be the words that we will be giving back to him as feedback!
Very positive and an experinece photographer! We are really glad to engaged him for this shoot and also for our AD. We know we are in good hands, thats for sure. Thank you for the wonderful shoot and also the perfect photos!
All the photos were very nice! And 1 more thing,
a very very efficient photographer as we get our photos the very next day! Thanks Mike! See you soon during our AD! - Bryann & Jaslin


Mike is a friendly and passionate photographer. Very punctual, in fact

he was earlier than appointed timing. Showing his professionalism all

the time, teaching ask how to pose and all (cause we're all camera shy

�). Colour edited photos were returned on the same day within hours.

Very impressed with the outcome, loving all the photos! Very glad that

we engaged him. Thank you for making our memories a very wonderful one.


Mike is a wonderful photographer who is very passionate and professional in his job. He will always guide us on the things to do and would offer suggestions and ideas to make the photography more enjoying and relaxing. He would also attend to additional requests and would often crack jokes to make the atmosphere lively.

Me and my wife is happy to engage him as our photographer for our wedding. We would definitely recommend him to our friends! Thanks for the hard work and effort to make our wedding a more memorable one. Cheers,

Zhi Ming & Yanting :)

Nicholas Chew Wrote

Mike is a very passionate photographer and it shows in the way he conducts himself and his business. He and his assistant was on time during the AD and showed up ready to go. He wasted no time and started snapping away the preparations my wife and I were going through. Mike even volunteered to recce the hotel for locations to shoot when he was done with the initial pictures. His proactive-ness and his chatty personality was what made the shoot so much easier for us.

What really struck me was when Mike's expression lit up when he was explaining to me what he wanted to do with the bubble-lift shots. The way he guaranteed us that the photo will turn out amazing convinced us to take the time to go up and down the lift to get the shot. Ultimately, what you see on his gallery was nothing short of amazing.

Overall, I've had many feedback from friends and family that Mike was one of the friendliest photographers they met and they were very impressed with his work. I'll also like to commend his passion and his guts to voice out his opinions on how to get things done better despite how touchy some wedding couples can be during the AD.

Thanks Mike for your amazing work!

Fiona Teo Wrote

Mike was extremely helpful when I first approached him via whatsapp. He gave me a lot of sound advice even before I confirmed him as my AD photographer. After making my deposit, he continued to be very proactive in giving me suggestions and answering my queries. On my AD, Mike came at the same time as my mua even without me asking. He was busy snapping away while I was doing my makeup, making sure that every detail was being captured. Besides, he kept making small talks with us to calm us down and to make us look more candid while he took photos of us. He also has a lot of ideas of how he can make photos look more interesting and personalized! Our guests were full of praises for Mike, telling us that he's very friendly and took the initiative to take photos for them. For us, Mike tries all means to take photos of us amidst our packed schedule. It was our blessing to have Mike as our AD photographer. He is really passionate about his work and truly happy for us. I would recommend Mike to anybody anytime, because you can always trust him to do a splendid job. What impresses us further was that it only took for Mike 4 days to process our photos. While we were very excited to see all the photos after all the sneaks which Mike showed us, we definitely did not expect the photos to be ready so soon. I'm looking forward to work with Mike again, perhaps for a post wedding photoshoot the next time round. Thanks Mike!

Ze Lin Wrote

Mike is very passionate and easy going person who puts in great enthusiastic in his photography. He is able to capture the beautiful moments and angles and always having creative poses. With him around, you dont have to worry what to do next.

My wife and i never regretted having him as our photographer on our actual day dinner. We were very impressed and happy with the photos that he captured.
Immediately after our morning tea ceremony, we went for a few photoshoot. Taking into consideration that we might need to stand under the sun, he puts in the effort in finding a location near our place and the photos and effect was above our expectation. Thank you mike for capturing those beautiful moments of peggy and i. Throughout the day, never a complain from you and hardly take a break. Was our blessing to have you.

Peggy n Ze Lin

淑慧 Wrote

Me and my hubby are glad that we've engaged Mike as our AD photographer. He's creative and passionate in his work. He take his work seriously and capturing the important moments with his professional skill. Love all the photos that he has taken, even my family, friends and relatives says the photos are so nicely taken!

Katrina Shuping Tay Wrote

My husband and I engaged Mike as our photographer for our Solemnization and Wedding Dinner.

I have to says Mike is a greatly passionate, creative and professional photographer! He is also a friendly and easy-going person. With his vast knowledge and expertise in wedding photography, he give us guidance on how we should pose for our photoshoot and amend our stance when needed.

I will surely recommend him to my relatives and friends to hire his service.

Jessie Cai Wrote

Professional photographer who is always early n takes alot of pride in his work... more than wad u can ask for... great photography skills, u won't regret having him at ur greatest moments as every moments are precious he captures....

Angeline Tan Yuan Su Wrote

We have engaged Mike for our solemnization photo shoot. Not only he has produced interesting photos but also in the moment ones. We love the photos and definitely he has delivered what we requested! He is very much appreciated!

Heng Ying Wrote

Engaged Mike's services for my solemnisation lunch and I would definitely recommend his services!

Mike is friendly, responds promptly to emails and showed up early on the actual day. My husband's parents were very impressed with how Mike went around taking photographs non-stop and trying to capture all sorts of good moments for us. He definitely does his best and works hard to deliver - we had about 300 photos that ended up being nicely edited and arrived in soft copy in a thumbdrive + some printed copies, sent by mail. We're all very pleased with his work and glad that we had him to capture our special day for us! Thanks Mike!

Candicé Quek Wrote

Mike is very encouraging and knows what he wants to capture in his

photographs. He also ensures that my hair is kept neat at all times, so
that all ladies look good in the photos! Enjoyed the shoot and recommend him.

Kang Zhijue Wrote

Mike is a very professional photographer who is very passionate in taking photos. Before the photoshoot, he will research for beautiful places that not many people know and even go down to recce the locations! This shows that he wants the best locations for his clients! He is also a very outgoing and friendly person, hence we are able to click well with him easily, which allows us to smile and pose naturally in front of him.

Lawrence Lee Wrote

Mike has such an amazing talent in capturing 'moments' which is exactly what you would have been expecting on your wedding day. We could see his energy and passion in creating stunning shots across the photos he took. Every photo he took captured that joyous moment we had with our guests and the essence of our perfect day. My wife and I were deeply impressed with the coverage of the day. We have no regrets in engaging Mike as our photographer since the day we decide to go with him. We could not recommend Mike more.

"Thank you, Mike!" ~ Lawrence & Supansa

Tengyew D. Rugged Wrote

Excellent photography skills!! Highly recommended!!


Mike is energetic and knowledgeable on the different aspects of photography. He is extremely friendly and makes the entire experience an enjoyable one - despite the sweltering heat, he makes sure that we are well taken care of and constantly provide encouragements to create the perfect atmosphere. He manage to perfect shots easily and the whole session was a breeze. His versatility is further exemplified when he took plenty of amazing photos with our dog too! Look out for Mike Chen!


Mike is a friendly and efficient photographer. Swift in between shots to shots. Quite steady and calm guy.
Yes he takes good pictures and is definately recommended!
I would like to keep this review short and simple. Thank you Mike!


Alvin and I just did our casual photoshoot with Mike and Jas! They definitely form a superb team. Jas was meticulous to make sure my make up is done properly and ensuring that there is no baby hair out from my hairdo. Her make up was definitely beautiful and natural! As for Mike, the process of the photoshoot was very natural for us. He was telling us jokes and finding out our love story during the whole process. We truly enjoyed the whole photoshoot. Most importantly, he was able to capture our beautiful and natural smiles. We definitely recommend him to you if you are looking for a wedding photographer!

林文杰 Wrote

Mike is very accommodating and professional in his work. He demands standards and ensure every details and moments are captured in all the photographs. We have some shots that We saw on Pinterest and we forwarded to him to see if its possible to replicate. One of which is the jump shot. We took a long while to perfect it as some of us couldn't jump as high but he was really patient with our request and finally the end product. We are certainly very please with it. He takes every opportunity to capture worthy moments without natural poses which all of our photos shows our natural expression and genuine smiles. We couldn't Thank him more for his excellent, awesome service and will not hesitate to strongly recommend him to any wedding couples looking for AD or Pre-wedding Photography. Truly Amazing.

Hui Maan Seah Wrote

Mike is very passionate and enthusiastic on his photography works and he ensures that all our photos are beautifully taken. Despite the hot weather, he appears calm and continues to give out positive vibes which makes the whole photoshoot really fun and enjoyable! Kim Soon and I always wished to have a photoshoot done with our dog and Mike is able to capture our interactions so perfectly. Thank you for making our wish come true and we will cherish all the photos taken. You're amazing! *Thumbs up for this guy please!*

Laura Wong Wrote

Mike is a personable photographer. We were very pleased with the photoshoot locations that he proposed. He makes us feel very easy during the photoshoot and he has his way of getting us in the poses. He is also very hardworking and always aims to perfect the shots at each pose. Throughout the 11 hours photoshoot, he never once mentioned that he was tired and he hardly takes any breaks. It is our blessing to be able to have him as our PG.

Ady Ong Wrote

Thank you Mike & Jas for the opportunity to be a part of your works. It has truly been a pleasant experience working with you & Jas on this photoshoot. A highly recommended photographer and make up artist for any occasion! They truly work to bring out the best possible outcome!

Stephanie Wong wrote

I book Mike without seeing another photographer. It was love at first sight chancing upon his portfolio.He has an eye for details and capturing beautiful moments. It was the best decision I made whilst planning for my wedding. Mike is amazing,with a humble personality and passion for photography. He takes pride in his work,perfecting every single shots. His energy is awesome and super responsive to messages and emails. He showed up early on AD which quite impressed me. We are glad to engage him as our AD photographer! Book him fast before he is taken!! Highly Recommended!!!

ReeVes Wong wrote

Made one of the best decision of my life by engaging Mike Chen Photography for my wedding. As my wife is a perfectionist, I knew that I have to find the right photographer. And Mike didn't disappoint us. Not only is Mike a very skilful photographer, he is very easy to work with. Great attitude and most importantly, he is very on time with the delivery of the photos. Would strongly recommend Mike and thanks for the great work!

Mel Lim wrote

Mike was very patient and a joy to work with. His photographs speak for itself! Undeniable passion for his work. The go to photographer for pre/wedding shoots!

Amanda Cheong~Make-up Artist wrote

Talented, patient, creative...not to mention he is the NICEST PERSON EVER. He is super fun to work with and helps you relax for the camera. He also really knows what He is doing and takes awesome pictures. You won't regret choosing Mike Chen Photography for any event.

Hijama Zürich wrote

Mike is very professional & kind. Photoshooting was very cool with lot of fun. I would choose him again for a shooting. He and his assistant are great!!!!! 5 stars!!! Thank you so much!

Claudia Immanuel Chua wrote

Mike is extremely patient with my shoot, despite being awkward and clueless, he was very encouraging and patient towards me. Highly recommended photographer!

Jasmine Tan wrote

Mike and his assistant Jia Wei both are very professional and they both make a great team. Mike has an eye for detail and is very delicate in his work. Happy to work with him! strongly recommend Mike. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

Kathy Loh wrote

Excellent Service

Engaged him as a photographer and his service is excellent. Very friendly, listened to all my friends' expectations patiently and seek to meet them as much as possible. Thank you Mike for the pleasant experience you've given them, they enjoyed themselves doing the photoshoot with you.

Virginia Lim wrote

Meticulous Patient Creative & a very good listener. He listens to our wants but gives professional advice being the 'subject matter expert’. Numerous calls , texts exchanged and face to face meet ups for our discussions, all because he wanted the best for us. He brought additional accessories along just so he can capture shots anywhere he wanted (esp so when lighting was undesirable). Glad to entrust our pre and actual day bridal photography to Mike. Thank you for those alive moments that i wanted. Those feels ... those moments ... thank you is not enough . Certainly looking forward to our next photoshoot alright.

Christine Chia wrote

Polite, friendly and serious to work were my first impressions towards Mike. He is such a nice person that I don't feel any stress working with him! He is very serious and diligent, and I hardly see him taking break during work. Brides who love natural and fresh shooting style would definitely like him! He captures the perfect angles of every bride, and is able to flexibly handle many emergency situations or special requests during the shoot. Mike also provides videography service. His photos and videos captured and illustrated the emotion of every couples. He has very high demand towards his photos and videos. He even helped me to adjust the lighting when I was taking photos of the bride after the makeup! If you want to reserve Mike for his services, be sure to be early to avoid disappointment.

William Lim Wrote

Just completed the biggest event of my life on the 4th of December and would like to strongly recommend my AD photographer - Mike Chen Photography (

He is very accommodating and professional in his work. He demands standards and ensure every details and moments are captured in all the photographs. We have some shots that We saw on Pinterest and we forwarded to him to see if its possible to replicate. One of which is the jump shot (as shown below).

We took a long while to perfect it as some of us couldn't jump as high but he was really patient with our request and finally the end product. We are certainly very please with it.

He takes every opportunity to capture worthy moments without our posing which shows our natural expression and genuine smiles.

We couldn't Thank him more for his excellent, awesome service and will not hesitate to strongly recommend him to any wedding couples looking for AD or Pre-wedding Photography. His Facebook page and take a look at the pictures.

All we can say that we are certainly blessed to have chosen him as our AD photographer!

mini_inciWe wrote

wouldnt do it without you🙏🙏🙏 sooo thankfull, you are the best!!!!!!!

Dear Mike, we are so greatful that we met you in Singapore. You made our day more special. Your photos are amazing!!! We had great time during photo shooting!! Thank you so much for wonderful photos! Me and my husband so pleased that you were with us during our wedding day!!

sarah poh Wrote on

Mike shoots professionally according to his customer's preferences and gives good suggestions throughout. Definitely a photographer to recommend!

范晁邦 wrote on


Eunice Lee wrote

Thank you Mike for your well wishes! Stephen and I are really grateful to have you capture this new chapter of our lives. We would also like to thank you for all your help and kind advice throughout the whole process. You are amazing:)